African Dance in Seattle   


These weekly African dance classes focus on the tradtional dances, music, and culture of Guinea, West Africa. Manimou Camara begins the class with warm-up exercises that condition the body by developing strength, aerobic stamina, coordination, flexibility, and rhythmic awareness. The second part of class is devoted to learning authentic dances from Guinea, West Africa. You will work closely with the master performance artist Manimou Camara of the esteemed Ballet Saamato and Merveille d'Afrique. Manimou started his performing career as a drummer and has reached the level of master drummer. This allows him, in a very organic way, to help each dancer gain an understanding of the marriage of drumming, rhythm, and music to African dance. 

In Fremont
SUNDAYS - 10:30am to 12pm

LAST CLASS 12/15/2019
SHIFT Movement Studio 
3517 Stoneway Ave N
Seattle, WA


In the International District 
WEDNESDAYS - 7:30pm to 9pm
Union Cultural Center
8th and King
Seattle, WA 

$15 drop-in