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  Our Story    

Dounia Djembe was founded shortly after Manimou and his daughter Rosaline arrived in the United States in 2007. Manimou performed with several local artists before launching his own performance group and classes in 2008. Manimou wanted to create a company that would share the vibrancy of his native culture while inviting people of all ethnicities and walks of life to celebrate in joy.


            "I love it when we make music and dance together, this is how we show we are happy. If we have changed just one                        persons day into a happy day, then we have accomplished everything!" - Manimou Camara, Founder of Dounia Djembe


Since 2008 Manimou has made a significant contribution to the African arts community in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California and Canada. He frequently visits communities to inspire, give knowledge and perform. He works extensively to help community leaders stay true to the heart of the traditional knowledge and understanding of the music and dance. 


Manimou is also dedicated to growing and connecting the community he has here in North America with his home community in Guinee-Conakry. He honors the knowledge passed to him by his family and by his ballet troupe, Ballet Saamato. 


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