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  Manimou Camara & Denbaya   

A performance by Manimou's multi-ethnic dance and drum troup DENBAYA - begins by sharing with the audience the groups commitment to unity and compassion. "Wontanara - We are one!" saysManimou Camara, in his native Susu language.

The music quickly swells to an intensely pulsating rhythmic form of traditional African music that invites everyone to dance as DENBAYA captures the audience, with vibrant notes, and spectacular costumes.

The result is an exuburant and joyful combination of rhythms, soul-soaring dance, and melodic melodies that are inherent to Susu, Malinke, Baga and K'pele cultures. This performance group invites the audience to make this incredible music and dance their own and really enjoy themselves!

Festivals & Concerts
  Manimou Camara  
  Founder’s Notes 


Denbaya means family in Susu, one of my primary languages. We are more than just a group of people who get together to make music and dance; we are a family. 


Our goal is to spread appreciation for Guinean performing arts all over the Western United States and beyond. 

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