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Dounia Djembe Drum and Dance aims to create a cultural experience that exhilarates, educates and forms deep cultural awareness. Dounia Djembe honors many the traditions of Guinea, West Africa, the country of founding director, Manimou Camara. Each individual who participates in a Dounia Djembe class, workshop or performance is invited to celebrate life through African culture. Our hope is that Dounia Djembe Drum and Dance fosters an enviroment of cultural awareness and creativity. 


Manimou is a committed teacher and performer. He looks forward to every opportunity he has to share the beauty and vibrancy of his culture with the world.

Every dancer needs to expand their movement vocabulary with Manimou Camara. He is amazing.

~ Yurek Hansen, Boise State University Dance Faculty

I was really surprised that Manimou was not afraid to dance like that. I thought only girls danced.

~ 3rd grade girl

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