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Manimou communicates his love of his native country, Guinea, and his pride in it's traditions through a skillful blend of demonstration and active participation. Assemblies incorporate demonstrations of musical instruments and dance, and culminate in audience participation. Workshops and residencies may culminate in a performance of a traditional dance where students have the opportunity to demonstrate for family and friends what they have learned.


Guinean music and dance teaches rhythm, call and response singing. spacial awareness, physical endurance, cultural significance of the movements and music, and cultural sensitivity. It is our hope that learning about Guinean music and dance will inspire students to learn more about African culture as well as their own unique cultural heritage.

Manimou teaches P.E. in this day long program using the traditional movements of Guinean dance. The children enjoy the high energy of the drums and guessing what the movements mimic in real life.

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We have 30-min, 45-min, and hour long performances that impart knowledge of the depth and beauty of West African cuture. We invite the youth to really engage with the performance; answering questions and direct participation.

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A residency with Manimou allows the students the time they need to really dig into some of the amazing poly-rhythmic music and dance of Guinea.

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African Dance P.E.
School Assemblies
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