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Yogpokta School Extension for 5 & 6 Grade

The school in Yogpokta, my village outside N’zerekore, needs 2 rooms built and desks and benches for all the rooms. 
Right now, the kids must leave our village to continue their education beyond 4th grade. Many families do not feel comfortable sending their young children outside the village for schooling. That means many kids, especially girls, only receive schooling through the 3rd grade. 
Adding schools rooms will help extend the schools capacity to 6th grade, with the hope to extend to 8th grade in the future. This would put the kids at a better age to move to the city to continue school. 
The village has been contributing for over a year and have almost completed the 4th grade classroom.
Please help them complete this project.

Here are the approximate costs for Top End materials, costs could go down if we save with lesser quality materials.

Total Cost - $6000-$8000

Cement $2000 ($1000 for cheap)
Rebar $1000 (no cheap version, safety!)
Metal Roof and Lumber $3000 (Used metal or cheaper metal $2000)
Desks & Benches $1000
Labor $1000 (with lots of volunteers where possible)

Kamama for your help,


Water Project in Domboyah

Project Completed: August 2021

Budget $4020

Thank you for helping me build a well in my neighborbood in Guinea!

In the neighborhood where I built my house in Guinea, some neighbors are very well off and some are very poor. The well-to-do neighbors have dug private wells for themselves and refuse to let the neighborhood benefit from their wells. I dug a well partially on my elderly neighbors property and partly on mine. We have made the water available to our nearest neighbors so they won’t have to walk a long distance for water.
This has made a huge impact on my entire community.
My neighbors and I are so grateful.

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  Childrens Education Project   

From 2005-2014 Manimou and Jessica privately funded the education of several children. This year Manimou is asking for your help as there are so many children in need of an education. Our goal is to raise $200 per child to assist the families in sending the children to school. The $200 will cover tuition and basic material, leaving the balance to be covered by the families. Most of the children are from the Guerze ethnc group like Manimou, this is a blessing, as culturally Guerze people place a very high value on education. We will pay for the childrens schooling and supplies directly to ensure that the funds are used for there intended purpose.

  Saamato Remodel Projects   

Saamato Floor Project

Completed: January 30, 2014

Budget: $2000


We were able to raise $2000 to pour a brand new high quality concrete floor! This has already saved the dancers from countless injuries and has shown that people all over the world believe that the work they are doing to develop themselves as artists is very important. The community is elated and grateful for the investment in their community. 


We are so happy we were able to GIVE BACK because Ballet Saamato has given so much to us. 

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